Wanted to go deeper into the personalities behind and uniqueness of the businesses and artist who have given me the honor of promoting their businesses.
We begin with a look at the great artist Jimmy Craig Womble. This is the first of many more to come.

Jimmy Craig Womble is a Coastal Impressionist Artist based in Carteret County.
He captures the spectacular and natural beauty of Carteret County.
He often paints abandoned homes, old barns, abandoned boats, boat docks, rusty vehicles, through which he captures history and tells stories that are difficult to put into words.
“The rust and decay is a physical reminder of the passage of time, and speaks of those who have struggled to make a life in this part of the country.“
He finds a certain beauty in the peeling paint and rust of forgotten things. The light falling over these old objects and places has an intensity and sparkle that is endlessly fascinating to him. He loves to hoard their images in pads and on canvas.

Jimmy Craig Womble Profile
Jimmy Craig Womble Profile