Day Trip New Bern NC

Embarking on a Day Trip “Down East” in Carteret County, NC…

…typically begins in the historic, picturesque, eclectic, vibrant town of Beaufort, NC. Be warned—you may find yourself so captivated that you spend the entire day there!

Harkers Island is particularly celebrated for its renowned Duck Decoy Carving artists and serves as the ideal gateway to the Cape Lookout National Seashore and beyond.

As you explore “down east,” you will encounter over ten small, distinctive coastal towns and historic fishing villages. These hidden gems are rich in maritime heritage and framed by scenic landscapes, including breathtaking views of the Core Sound. For a unique journey, consider taking a ferry to Ocracoke from Cedar Island.

Discover these tranquil spots where tradition and beauty blend seamlessly, offering an authentic slice of coastal North Carolina life. You might even find yourself intrigued enough to consider the local real estate offerings.

Day Trip to "Down East, including Beaufort

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Embarking on a Day Trip to New Bern, NC…

New Bern blends historical charm with modern appeal. As one of North Carolina’s oldest cities, it boasts landmarks like the original governor’s mansion, Tryon Palace, the Pepsi store, and a picturesque downtown filled with shops, live music, and cafes. The city’s vibrant arts scene and riverfront activities offer plenty for visitors to see and do, from boating and fishing to enjoying local performances. Whether exploring history or indulging in retail and dining, New Bern offers diverse attractions for every interest.

Day Trip to New Bern NC

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