Barefoot Wade
Barry Charlton
Big Sam
Bob Laverty
Bobby Merritt
Bobby Webb
Bryan Mayer
Carolina East Singers
Carolina Rattlers
Chandler James & Chace Saunders
Clarence Coley
Corey Smith
Dalton Davis
Davy Williamson
Dead Man’s Hand
Dino Pelletier’s EAST COAST JAM
Dirty Blonde BAND
Donnie Lane
Elijah Harris
E Squared
Frank Grant + the Feelin’ Live
Freddy Tripp Music
Gary Dudley and the Maxxtones
Hank Barbee
Hank Barbee & Taj Petrilli
Hank Barbee and The Dust Parade
Helt Oncale
Hustle Souls
The I-42 Band
Jake Sutton
Jake and Ray Jake Sutton and Ray Wag
Jimmy Parker
Joe Copple Music
John G
Josh Daniel
Julia Golden
Justin Castellano
Justin West
Kayleigh Mathews
Kelsey Hurley
Lonnie Britton
Major Vice
Michael Paull
Mike Mickxer
Mike Warren
Monika Jaymes
Morgan Hudson
Nasty Habits
Night Shift
Oak City Collaborative
Old Age & Treachery
Patrick Bliss
Petty Larceny
pure t mommicked
Ray Wag
Righteous Roots
Rollin’ Woods
Rubich’s Cube Ryan Rubich
Salty Bones
Sean Mills
Should’ve been Cowboys
Smoke and Mirrors
Snap Back
Southern Hellcats
Southern Trouble
Spare Change
Steve Mehan
Stephen Poole
Swimming with Sharks
Teresa Penbrooke
The Amazing Lounge Lizards
The Bears Band
The Carteret Community Sunshine Band
The Coastal Cohorts ~ Don Dixon ~ Bland Simpson ~ Jim Walsh
The Dust Parade
The Green Room
The I-42 Band
The Mad Fiddler
The Mighty Saints of Soul
The Powell Family
The RV Road Show
The Snozzberries
The Spread
The StingJays
The Switch
The Remedy
The Will and Tony Show
Think Twice
Thomas Road
Those Damn Yankees
Timmy Pollock from BLOTTER
Todd Barnes
Tommy Moore
Tyler Davis
Unknown Tongues
Velvet Rodeo
Voices Carry
Yonder with Billy Willis
Wes Rider
Wyhte Rabbit CassiRaye Steve Mehan

Bands playing at “Live on Lot
Michael Paull
The Spread
Dubtown Cosmonauts
Dr. Bacon

Bands playing 2024 Classic Rock Festival at Carteret Speedway…
KISS ALIVE the Tribute

Bands playing the 10th Annual…
Atlantic Beach Beach Music Festival
Gary Lowder & Smokin’ Hot
The Band of Oz
The Embers
The I-42 Band
The Mighty Saints of Soul

Bands playing the…
Beaufort Music Festival

The Future Birds
Big Something
American Aquarium
Cha Wa
Funk You
Blue Footed Boobies
Strung Like a Horse
Talia Keys
Clay Street Unit
Harvey Street Co.
The Kind Thieves
MC J. Sales

Feeding Frenzy Fest Bands and Musicians
Erica “Sunshine” Lee
Tim Campbell and the Tropical Attitudes
Jonas Lorence Band
Scott Nickerson
Ricky Lamb
Brad Brewer

Need Facebook page for these artist…
Bag End
Billy Mutchler
Brian Felton
De Ja Blue
Donovan & The Posse
Ed Prophet
Ed Frankfort
Eddie & Don
Highway Honky
Hot Revolver
Jim Bennett
Michael Schott
Neon Huckleberry
Patrick Smith
Red & The Rockers
Robbie Deforge
Ryan Rubrict
Tim Biggs
Webb Brothers